3 Things You Should Do To Have A Website Earn You Money

I have been doing business successfully online for almost 18 years now.  Well, actually I haven’t always been successful.  I am a website developer and I have made a bunch of websites for myself and I have made a bunch for other people.  A lot of my endeavors have failed and I have seen many of my client’s websites fail as well.  However, I have seen some success ones as well.  Through my experience I have found that there are really 3 main things that are now my goals when I create a new website to earn me money.  If you have ever dreamed of getting a website to earn you money than keep reading.

I do NOT sell products.  Why?  Even if you buy them at wholesale you still have to buy them, stock them and ship them.  Then if they are broken or faulty or never arrive you have to replace them.  It causes more work and expense than it is worth.
So what I usually offer instead is either services or even better yet, advertisingOf the two of these advertising is the best to sell online.  There is usually an extremely high profit margin when you sell advertising, and if it is done right and automated, you don’t have to do a thing.  Look at two of the richest companies in the world:  Google and Facebook.  What do they sell?  Yep, advertising.  Don’t worry I will show you how you can sell advertising online in just a minute.

2.  THE LIST –
The other thing that I always try to do is have the site build a list for me.  By either offering something for free or paid users,  a list that you can use later is extremely valuable.  It is far easier to sell to existing users than to try to get new ones.  Sending them offers to re-buy things that they have bought before or even to buy something totally different can generate huge amounts of money without yourself having to spend money on advertising.  There is a saying among online gurus that is “The money is in the list”.

The other great thing is you need to motivate people to help spread the word for you.  Years ago I had never heard of Facebook, then my nephew said something like, “hey I am on this website called facebook.com, you should check it out.”  I did and now I don’t go more than a few days without looking at my Facebook account.  Referrals is the best way to build a website.  The way to do this is you need to give the person a benefit for referring people.  In my case with Facebook, it was simply a social thing, and that very rarely works.  You can also pay people for referrals or you can give them added benefit on your website.  Whatever way you use to motivate people to help you spread the word, getting referrals is really the way to go.

So, with those 3 things being said, I set out to create such a website.  And I have created sites like this several times.  But then I wanted to be able to replicate it so that other people don’t need to pay someone like me thousands of dollars to develop such a site for them.  So, I created a fairly simple ad site like this one and tested it out.  I found that with minimal advertising I could get people to place free ads.  This was great as it help me with building a list.  Now I can send emails to them and encourage them to upgrade their ad, if they hadn’t already.  I also can send them emails about other endeavors I am working on.

On the ad site, I found that about 5-10% of the people who placed ads would upgrade their ad.  Which is great because, I make money 🙂 and money is why we do this.  Besides that the site is automated so that when people pay me their ad is automatically upgraded without me having to do anything.  So I can spend my time on other things.

I also built in a referral system so that the users who wanted to share my site could.  This is also all automated so that the user is given a special referral link that they can share and when they share the link and get someone else to place an ad their ad on my site will get bumped back to the top of the list of ads when it reaches the bottom.  Simple things like this might not motivate everyone but it will motivate some people and those people can make your site grow with a snowball effect.

I now made it so that anyone can get a site like this, and it doesn’t cost them thousands of dollars to have it built.  Actually it is just $14 a month.  With no long term commitments.  It comes complete with a real custom domain name of their choice.  It includes all the code that does everything I explained above and even hosted on a fast server.  We even have a list of place to advertise their sites.  Learn more about trying one of these sites yourself – Click here.