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We have created the perfect website for you.

  • No Product needed!
  • The website is easy to run, even by a novice!
  • Nothing to ship!
  • Keep 100% of the profit!
  • Customers pay you directly!
  • Your customers are even rewarded for helping you advertise!
  • Even use it to build an email mailing list to sale other products/services (if you want)!
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    Every day, all over the world, tens of thousands of new sites
    are being added to the Internet.
    They all need one thing...ADVERTISING!

    You can get from us your own ad site
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    When people upgrade their ad
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    Less Than .47 A Day

      Included with your site:
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    • A Domain name Click Here For More Info
    • Website hosting Click Here For More Info
    • Installed scripts and free updates and upgrades when available Click Here For More Info
    • Easily customize your site to look the way you want it to Click Here For More Info
    • Your site is designed so that people will help you advertise it Click Here For More Info
    • Tools to reverse advertise other products or servicesClick Here For More Info
    • Create your own mailing list from the people who place ads on your siteClick Here For More Info
    • Audio/Video Tutorials that even teach you how to advertise your site. Click Here For More Info
    • And of course awesome customer service Click Here For More Info
    See our fully functioning demo site
    click here.

    Debra Thanks for such great customer service. I've never come across anyone online before who provides such excellent customer service.

    I also really like my new site, it's fun. And it's so easy to get people interested. I've hardly sent any traffic to it yet, as I've been very busy offline yet I'm already getting plenty of people placing ads. I recovered my start up costs in less than a week and that was with very little effort.

    Thanks so much!


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    RJ Rhomes I have had my Ad Board for 2 years now, and it has been my best investment to date. Thanks, for putting together a great Marketing and Advertising program. The system has it all, and I look forward to a continued Long and Prosperous relationship!

    RJ Rhomes

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    Still Have questions?

    What will my site sell?
    You will sell upgraded advertisements. You will be giving away free ads on your site that will appear on the main page of the site. When a person places an ad they will be asked if they want to upgrade. When people upgrade, they will send the money to you.

    How am I paid?
    You are paid directly from the customer, we provide three easy ways to be paid where all you do is plug in your information, they are Paypal, alertpay and e-gold. You do not have to offer all of these methods of payment, but we recommend you offer as many of them as possible. You are also given a spot where you can plug in the full code of another method of payment, if you have another method of payment that you would like to accept.

    How much can I make?
    We would love to give you a great sales pitch here and show you some wonderful math about how you can retire in a few months, but in reality it all depends on you. The more visitors to your site, the more people will place ads. The more people that place ads, the more people will upgrade ads. True your customers will be able to help you advertise, but at first it will be up to you. We also will give you tutorials that will teach you how and where you can advertise for free or very little money. Not only can you earn money from upgrades, but if you refer other people to get their own site you can earn residual money every month as well as from upgrades.

    How much will I charge for people to upgrade their ad on my site?
    That is up to you, we recommend between $5 and $10, but you can set the price at whatever you like.

    Can I run specials?
    Yes, we have integrated a feature that lets you easily run specials that will make the special price expire automatically when you have set them to expire.

    What do people get from my website if they upgrade their ad?
    Their ad will be bigger and bolder it is seen easier among the other ads. They can also upload a banner or small image to go above their ad. All of this is regulated by the scripts.

    Can I make money other ways?
    Yes, you can sell other service or products that you have, to your customers from your site (other products and services must not violate our terms. Example: no adult, offensive or illegal content). You can also participate in our affiliate program and encourage people to get their own website, like yours. When you refer people to get their own website, you would earn 50% of their monthly fees each and every month that they continue to have their site.

    Can I email the people that submit ads to my site?
    Yes, you can set up an automatic email that will go out each time someone submits an ad. You can also email the members of your site once a day. These emails can be to advertise other products or services you might offer.

    How long will it take for me to be profitable?
    For most businesses it usually takes 2 years to be profitable. However, with a website business like this one, there is so little invested, that you can be in profit very quickly. We have had people tell us that they were in profit after a week, but it is up to you. We request that you stick with it for a 2-4 months. This allows time to build your lists etc.

    How and why will my customers help me to advertise?
    It is always better to work smarter rather than harder. So we have developed your site to do this for you and your customers. The site comes equipped with a viral marketing feature. When a person places an ad on your site they are asked to participate in your viral marketing program. Where as they refer people to your site, using a special link that is generated by the site, their referrals will get an email them. The person submitting an ad may also get an email from the person that referred them, as well as from the person that referred that person, and up 3 levels. Here is an example:
    If Bill signs up at your site and he participate in your viral marketing program then he refers Fred. Fred submits an ad to your site and when he does he gets an email automatically from your site that is advertising Bill's site. Then if Fred refers Sally to your site, and she submits an ad she would get 2 emails one advertising Fred's site and one advertising Bill's. If Sally refers Jane to your site, then Jane submits an ad, she would get 3 emails one each advertising Sally's, Fred's and Bill's sites. So, you can see how Bill has advertised to several people just by referring one person. What if Bill referred hundreds of people. From this example you can see how Bill and everyone else has worked smarter not harder.

    Will I get banners that my customers can use to advertise my site?
    Yes, we have three pre-made banners, that are automatically placed in your member's area. You can easily add more form your password protected, administration area.

    What other tools do you provide?
    We offer audio/video tutorials that will help you understand how to use your site better. You also are provided with detailed tracking information that shows how much traffic you are getting from where and when you are getting it. Also you can add up to 10 additional webpages to your site. Our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) webpage editing tool makes it easy to create new pages.

    What will my website look like?
    Your website would look like this unless you use our easy or advanced editor and change the template of your site. If you would like a more personalized, professional look we can have one of our graphic designers design something for you. Their rates are very reasonable, you will be given this option when you purchase your site. Here are some sample designs.

    How can I advertise my site for free?
    One of our audio/video tutorials explains some of the ways but there are thousands of ways to advertise your site for free or little money. We are compiling a list that will be available to those that own websites.

    What if I still have questions?
    Just click here and send us your questions. You will see, we are generally very quick to respond. We pride ourselves on offering quick, timely customer service.



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